Thursday, August 2, 2012

Special Notice

My father has passed away. I am traveling across the country with my family for his funeral services. 

I am not bringing my computer with me, so I will be offline and unavailable until I return on August 17.

If you have ordered a copy of the Sepiafoto Lenormand, I apologize for the unforeseen delay. The decks will be mailed out when I return. I hope for your understanding and welcome any prayers sent up for the peace of my mourning family.

With love,

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I am super excited to announce that the Sepiafoto Lenormand is now available for pre-order!

Please read this post in its entirety before ordering...

Ordering Info
I will be accepting orders from now through June 30, 2012. On July 1st I will send the deck to print, and will mail out orders by the end of July. So you can expect your deck(s) to arrive by early August.

Please note:  I don't know how often I will do a print run. Life tends to be unpredictable in my world, so I can't promise that there will be another printing.  If you want to guarantee that you get your hands on this deck, please be sure to order by June 30.

Customized Decks
I have made the fun decision to offer unique Customized decks, in addition to the original. Make your family an integrated part of your one-of-a-kind deck! Click here for more info.

(Left to right): Tower, Letter, Crossroads, Bouquet, Cross

Sepiafoto Lenormand: A new 36-card Lenormand deck! The Sepiafoto Lenormand is sepia-hued photographic Lenormand oracle deck. I will be self publishing it in small quantities.

The borderless deck is printed on sturdy card stock, with a matte satin finish.

The deck will come with a PDF guide of card meanings.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Few More Scans

(Left to right): Tower, Letter, Crossroads, Bouquet, Cross

A few more scans of the deck. This is how they will be printed, without titles.


Sepiafoto Lenormand Coming Soon!

Sepiafoto Lenormand: A new 36-card Lenormand deck coming soon!  The Sepiafoto Lenormand is sepia-hued photographic Lenormand oracle deck.  I will be self publishing it in small quantities. Ordering details to come soon.

The images in this post are from the rough draft deck I put together. I have made some changes to the deck since then. The Cross card will feature a different photograph than the one shown above.  Also, I have also removed the titles and numbers from the cards, as I found them to be distracting. The photos are self-explanatory enough to recognize in a layout. I will update with newer scans of the cards soon.

The deck will be printed on sturdy card stock, with a matte satin finish. The cards will have no borders, and will be rounded at the corners.

The deck will not come with a book of any type, but I may put together a very brief PDF to accompany the deck, for those who have never picked up a Lenormand and require the basic meanings of each card.

If you're interested in knowing when the deck is available to order, please keep an eye on this blog, as I will be announcing the release here. You can also email me at and request to be put on a notification list.